The Teacher

Dance Inspires - video by Nina Saurug

Class Description

DANCING MEDITATION: A fusion of Ballet, Modern, and Jazz, Slam’s unique style explores a wide range of organic, often angular movements that are Graham inspired with a strong base in classical technique. His Contemporary class emphasizes artistry and musicality, while it challenges the dancer to move in new, unconventional ways.

Starting with a warm-up of Modern-influenced, Ballet and Jazz-based exercises mixed with Yoga and incorporating meditation that focuses on proper execution and alignment while taking the student on a journey, people have called his class “Dancing Meditation”. The class evolves to the learning of Slam’s original choreography, broken down and demonstrated for clear understanding. Slam’s emphasis on proper use of breathing is another strong base in his class. Designed for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced students, an understanding of the classical vocabulary and previous experience with Jazz and/or Modern dance are helpful.


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